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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Capturing the joys of childhood in living color!

Welcome to a world where laughter, imagination & undeniable JOY thrive: Experience your beautiful chaos transforming into reminiscent ready prints & albums! 

Color your memories... 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

What we offer

Forget the Poses

Let’s move, dance, jump,

let’s PLAY!

Custom experience

We will collaborate on an interactive experience that fully captures your child's authentic self or family dynamic!

Images in-Living Color

Color rules everything around me, so memories being made will be no different!

Hello, I’m Nikia

Nikia Paden is a DC lifestyle family, child & product photographer who infuses the stories of families & businesses with vibrant, JOY-filled imagery. As the creative force behind Iridescent Photography, she encourages an environment where childhood laughter & imagination thrive, transforming moments into vivid, colorful memories. She’s available in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Montgomery County, PG County, Northern Virginia, and surrounding DMV areas. 


Washington, DC Family, Child & Commercial Product Photographer 

infuse your memories with color

Lifestyle Photographer Nikia Paden
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Are you tired of missing the tiny fragments of childhood that disappear all too quickly?

Pause the moments with our prints & albums where their JOY is always on REPLAY! As a Mom,  I understand the importance of documenting our children's laughter &  joy. So let's stop chasing yesterday’s SMILES & create a gallery of memories worth every penny!

If you're in need of:

  • A stress-free & streamlined booking process.

  • A wonderfully guided client experience where authentic JOY is captured & childhood is Documented!

  • Laughter in Prints & Reminiscent Ready Albums! 

  • Your Beautiful Chaos Preserved!

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The Experience

What to Expect with 

Discovery Call & Booking your Date

Let's talk! I'd love to hear your ideas & vision for your session. Book your date with my streamlined booking system!

Session Planning &

We will plan your session in detail- styling, locations, possible props & go over all the things.

Your Photoshoot Day is Here!

Your day is here let's get ready to capture all the MAGIC!

Your Joy on

Review the images from your session & order the products that fit your needs.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Image by Clay Banks
Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Image by Janita Sumeiko

Family & Childhood Session

"A Little Nonsense"

​Welcome to a world where laughter, imagination, and boundless joy take center stage! A HAPPY PLACE where joy and imagination merge, and we capture moments worth reminiscing on. Family & Childhood sessions should create magical experience for both you and your little one. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a joyful adventure!

Let's start capturing A LITTLE NONSENSE today!

Image by Denise Bossarte

Senior/Portrait Session

"What Dreams May Come Senior Session"

​Having a Senior/grad Session is a wonderful way to document your transition into what dreams may be coming your way. It's capturing the end of a chapter filled with tons of milestones while also celebrating your next phase of life wherever it may lead. Collaboration & brainstorming with your Senior is key to coming up with ideas to authentically seize their personality.

Let's start capturing WHAT DREAMS MAY COME TODAY today!

Lifestyle Product Photography 

Unleashing the Magic of Lifestyle Product Photography! Calling all small business owners! Are you ready to discover the extraordinary potential of your brand? At Iridescent Photography, we're here to sprinkle a touch of magic on your brand with our professional lifestyle product photography services.

Let's start unleashing the hidden potential of your brand today!