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About Me: Capturer of Nonsense & Everything Childhood has to Offer!

A fun creative self portrait of lifestyle photographer Nikia Paden and her daughter.
Fun family image of father, son , and daughter during a family session.

Hello! I'm Nikia, a stay-at-home mom turned photography enthusiast, with an affinity for capturing the joyful essence of childhood.


My journey into the world of photography began when I discovered that my own children's laughter &  joy deserved to be documented. Learning my way around a camera was definitely a lot of trial & error but this newfound hobby developed into quite the passion for capturing these little MiNi muses of mine. From then on it has been my goal to capture the tiny fragments of childhood magic—that disappear all too quickly.


C.R.E.A.M Color Rules Everything Around Me!

It's the not-so-secret ingredient that adds an extra sprinkle of MAGIC to my photography. From the radiant burst of a rainbow to the gentle pastel hues, I embrace the kaleidoscope of colors that brings life to our world.  It helps create captivating compositions that evoke emotions, tell stories, and breathe life into my photographs.

But wait, there's more! In addition to capturing the essence of childhood, I am a storyteller for brands. By infusing whimsy, creativity, and a touch of magic, I collaborate with brands to craft visual narratives that showcase their products in all their glory. From playful scenes to imaginative concepts, I bring the brand's story to life, appealing to viewers and inviting them into a world of wonder.

Every photoshoot is an adventure, a chance to go on a journey through a child's imagination. Diving headfirst into the world of my subjects, I create a playful and relaxed atmosphere where their true personalities can shine. The result? Authentic, vibrant, and captivating images that capture the essence of childhood, the joy of family connections, and the magic of brands. 

So come, join me on this imaginative journey through my lens. Let's celebrate and uncover the extraordinary that is hiding in plain sight. Lets dive into a reality where laughter never fades, where memories are made in bursts of color, and where the magic of childhood comes to life. Together, let's create a happy place where joy & inspiration is always on  replay! 

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